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Ko te hanga i konei he painga me te kawenga

To build here is both a privilege and a responsibility

Te Taumata | Lakeview is a visionary project by Ninety Four Feet, Centuria and Britomart Hospitality Group. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining urban living in Tāhuna | Queenstown, Aotearoa | New Zealand, and beyond.

For us, Te Taumata | Lakeview signifies a passion translated into purpose. It will embody a novel era of considerately crafted and ecologically mindful living. Functioning as an epicentre for neighbourhood connectivity, Te Taumata | Lakeview is poised to emerge as a hub, showcasing world-class retail, hospitality, entertainment, art galleries, and residences seamlessly intertwined in perfect balance. We are curating a community beyond mere construction; the locale will nurture diversity and a deep sense of belonging interwoven with the existing cultural tapestry of Tāhuna | Queenstown.

He whenua taurikura

Recognise the surrounding landscape

Our commitment to preserving the landscape is reflected in the diverse environment that will envelop Te Taumata | Lakeview. Over half of the precinct is public open space, accommodating lush, elevated gardens and sustainable materiality that echo the surrounding majesty of Tāhuna | Queenstown’s terrain. Te Taumata | Lakeview will provide a space to regenerate the ecological heritage of the region.

Today, we proudly invite you to be part of something set to become iconically Tāhuna | Queenstown. Together, we shall lay the foundations for a community that transcends boundaries and redefines the art of living.



Co-living hotel
Residential with ground floor retail
Lifestyle & wellness hotel, co-working, health & wellness, eateries & bars, art gallery


6 star hotel & luxury residences
Thermal pools site (proposed)
Public plaza
5-star luxury hotel, restaurant & bar

Together, we step lightly on the land

Ecological Regeneration
Passive Design
Te Taumata | Lakeview aspires to be smart and sustainable. Informed by traditional knowledge of the environment, a mātauraka Māori approach combined with new innovative practice, will assist in developing a robust approach to sustainable outcomes for Te Taumata | Lakeview. 

A regenerative design approach will ensure that the mauri, the life essence of the environment is acknowledged and enhanced in the built environment.  
Te Taumata | Lakeview will provide a space to regenerate the ecological heritage, inviting in the wilderness of the region. Mirroring the natural ecology and culture with groves of beech trees, ferns, podocarps and tussocks, the landscaping strategy aims to provide a sense of what the environment once was and reintroduce birdlife to the area.
Building in this special place of Queenstown, we embrace the elements and the seasons with a passive design approach throughout the precinct. Employing strategies such as integrating a low-carbon and whole-of-life costing, improving air quality through high-efficiency HVAC filtration and using natural ventilation, selecting eco-label accredited materials, and ensuring thermal efficiencies and insulation of the building fabric.
Te Taumata | Lakeview will be a complete community and an innovative precinct in its own right, seen as a blueprint for smart precincts globally.

Ideas from some of the world’s leading visionaries in community, inclusion, housing, sustainability, environment, smart building, and smart mobility have each been implemented within the unique context of Te Taumata | Lakeview.

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