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Lakeview Te Taumata.

Queenstown's natural neighbourhood.

Te Kuneroa o Tāhuna

The Evolution of Queenstown

Lakeview Te Taumata will be a vibrant and sustainable residential neighbourhood located right in the Queenstown village. Designed to feel local and connected, Lakeview Te Taumata will provide for a new class of inner-village urban living in Queenstown while offering a diverse range of hospitality, services, hotels, coworking and retail options. The spectacular views across Lake Wakatipu and beyond will be complemented by the large public spaces and reserves, pedestrian-friendly streets, and discoverable laneways.

Te Ata o te Taiao ki Tāhuna

Reflecting Queenstown's Environment

Lakeview Te Taumata's stunning design and use of natural materials such as schist and timber draws from the heritage and beauty of New Zealand's world-renowned Southern Lakes. Architects Monk Mackenzie and Architectus have designed Lakeview Te Taumata to celebrate the spectacular views while being sympathetic to the alpine environment in which it sits. Taking cues from the region's pristine ecology ensures Lakeview Te Taumata's future residents will enjoy a strong sense of place.

Te paekiritata e koi ana, e toitū ana

A smart and sustainable neighbourhood

Lakeview Te Taumata aspires to be smart and sustainable, creating a new standard for development in New Zealand.

Ā mātau whāika

Our Objectives

  • Carbon-negative mass timber construction

    Lakeview Te Taumata will be New Zealand's first precinct to utilise mass timber construction as a permanent store of carbon, while improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of residents. A 100% renewable community energy system and energy efficient design will make Lakeview Te Taumata a leader in sustainable development.

  • Exceptional hospitality with open spaces

    Designed by the hospitality company behind Britomart in Auckland, residents and visitors will enjoy a diverse mix of hospitality, retail and services. The vibrant atmosphere will be complemented by generous open spaces to bring the community together.

  • Accessible, connected & discoverable

    Lakeview Te Taumata will have an interconnectedness that feels logical and natural with the surrounding areas and village. Located just 300 meters from the existing town centre, Lakeview Te Taumata will be walkable while shared spaces will prioritise pedestrians. Permeable edges and street frontages will draw people in, and a series of laneways and connected courtyards create an experience of discovery.

  • Flexible housing & accommodation

    Lakeview Te Taumata will offer residents a new style of inner-village urban living with flexible, efficient, and healthy housing options. Innovative housing is designed to suit a range of needs with ownership and lease structures facilitating however people choose to live. Whilst new and exciting hotel brands will expand Queenstown accommodation options.

  • Sustainability

    A regenerative design philosophy is central to Lakeview Te Taumata's sustainability goals. A bespoke series of sustainable initiatives including mass-timber construction, efficient water and energy resource use, deliberate native planting strategies to enhance biological regeneration, and future-focused transportation strategies all combine to ensure Lakeview Te Taumata has a low environmental impact and is highly regarded into the future.

  • Reflecting Queenstown's stunning environment

    Lakeview Te Taumata is designed to reflect the local heritage and stunning environment of Queenstown. Through carefully considered architecture and a selection of local materials the buildings will blend effortlessly into the landscape, flowing down the landscape, from mountain to lake, with a scale in context to the surroundings.

  • Ecological regeneration

    Lakeview Te Taumata will provide a space to regenerate the ecological heritage, inviting in the wilderness of the region. Mirroring the natural ecology and culture with groves of beech trees, ferns, podocarps and tussocks, the landscaping strategy aims to provide a sense of what the environment once was and reintroduce birdlife to the area.

Tō mātau ohu

Our team

We are a team of local and global architects, landscape and urban designers, artists, placemakers, planners, engineers, sustainability experts, and constructors. Our plan for Lakeview Te Taumata incorporates over two years work imagining, researching, and testing blueprints for what
Lakeview Te Taumata can be.

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The first stage of residential sales will launch in 2023.